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ECDIS Familiarisation Course for ChartWorld eGlobe

The third online ECDIS familiarisation course from the Hamburg-based online training specialist, Safebridge, has been released covering the ChartWorld eGlobe. Structured in the same way as the earlier courseware for the Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT and the Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis, NSC and the Retrofit ECDIS 24, the content follows the competencies set out by the recommendations of various Flag States and represents 16-18 hours of study. It requires a completed IMO 1.27 generic training course as a pre-requisite.


The pricing is identical to that of the previous courses and, at 185 Euros for a single log-in, the Safebridge training represents a dramatic reduction from the all-up cost of classroom training. Fleet training or prepaid packages offer the opportunity of discounts according to numbers.


Ulf Steden, Managing Director of Safebridge, said the cost of training is proving to be one of the most significant factors in determining shipping companies’ approach to ECDIS familiarisation training. New solutions have come onto the  market to reduce expenditure and Safebridge is especially pleased to have been chosen as ChartWorld’s preferred partner for online type-specific training because of its revolutionary approach to the whole issue, he added.


ChartWorld is an Admiralty Solution Provider and a leading digital chart agent specialising in the resale of digital maritime data and data services for professional maritime use. ChartWorld offers professional mariners a wide range of products and services, including a full range of ENCs from providers such as PRIMAR, IC-ENC and the UKHO, private nautical charts from providers such as Navionics and ChartWorld itself, plus navigational publications from the UKHO.


With its new “ECDIS as a Service” concept based on a monthly management fee, ChartWorld International offers a complete SOLAS ECDIS solution including ECDIS, customised SENC data services and a unique service and support concept: ACES (Advanced ChartWorld ENC Service), which is its new data product. The top standard data services from UKHO, such as AVCS, AIO, ARCS, ADTT, ADRS6, ADLL, Primar and IC-ENC are now available in the newly developed type of SENC exchange sets. Shipping companies benefit from dramatically reduced loading time, easier installation routines and less data transfer. ChartWorld International Ltd. is based in Cyprus, Singapore and Germany.


With the release of the Safebridge online type-specific training courseware, which teaches each trainee how to use the eGlobe ECDIS for safe and cost-effective navigation, ChartWorld will now offer this solution within its ‘eCert’ training concept, stated Stephan Dimke, Sales Director of ChartWorld International. Since all their ‘eSeries’ ECDIS services, including ‘eCert,’ are based on monthly management fees, not only will this dramatically reduce training costs, but will also have a very positive effect on the shipping companies’ cash flow situation.


Course bookings can be made via ChartWorld within their service offering or directly via the Safebridge website, where corporate clients with fleet bookings can manage the training development of their officers from within their corporate account, allocating courses to individual officers progressively.


Safebridge is developing courseware for a further five leading ECDIS manufacturers and these will be released over the coming months. 

Supplier: Safebridge

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